For over 11 years on the market, Elos has been a company that offers consulting, training and services in Health and Work Safety and Occupational Hygiene. Composed by renowned professionals in the market, the company has a Safety Engineers team, Labor Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Safety Technicians, Nurses and Nursing Technicians, and a management team with over 25 years of experience in the Mechanical, Health and Work Safety areas, providing their customers with the best solutions for the optimization of various processes.

The services are focused on results, contributing to improve performance and minimizing any social and financial impacts of Health and Work Safety processes that require different driving or have not yet been deployed. The goal is the success of the associated companies and the preservation of the environment and social policies.


To be the best and well-known Consulting Company in Health and Work Safety, whose shares offer customers and partners the best and most appropriate technical solutions, respecting the normative standards and meeting or exceeding legal requirements, with assured quality.


Bringing Companies from all over Brazil the highest quality standards in Health and Work Safety, contributing to the sustainable development of its partners and adding value to the final product.


Being an efficient, productive and sustainable company, committed to the preservation of life, property, the environment in which it operates, healthy relationships and all the basic needs necessary for human dignity.